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Oct 28, 2021 - Oct 29, 2021

The RoKoCon21 (organized by the Robert-Koch Institute) will take place online on October 28 and 29, 2021 and will provide an opportunity for early stage scientists (students to postdoc) to network and to present their current work. External speakers are also invited.

Please find attached the timetable for the event!


If you are interested in participating digitally, please register using the following link:



Deadline for late-bird registrations is the 31st of August. Please note that if you registered for the RoKoCon21 previously, you do not need to re-register with this form.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact the RoKoCon21 Organizational Team via rokodoko@rki.de.


The RoKoCon21 Organizational Team

- Anna Sommer (FG13), Isabell Ramming (FG11), Jacqueline Schürmann (FG13), Lena Hümmler (FG16), Silver Wolf (MF2), Tim Engelgeh (FG11), Jonathan Neuber (FG11) -



Deadline - Late-Bird Registrations: 31.08.21

Deadline - Abstracts: 30.09.21

RoKoCon2021: 28./29.10.21